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Want a Whiter Smile? Get It With Teeth Whitening

A very common dental problem – stained and discolored teeth are major concerns for many of our patients. That explains why teeth whitening is one of our most popular procedures.

Regular dental exams combined with proper brushing and flossing techniques can help to eliminate many stains, but professional teeth whitening procedures are the best way and easiest way to have a brighter, whiter smile. However, everyone should have their teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Common Reasons for a Stained Smile:

The outer layer of a tooth is covered with a porous covering of enamel that attracts and holds unsightly stains. Although various factors including aging, oral trauma and the internal color of the tooth can’t be controlled, you can try to eliminate major stain causing factors like the use of tobacco products and drinking dark colored liquids like, coffee, tea, cola and red wine.

Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

You should always consult with your dentist to find the best whitening procedure for you.

  • Cavities must to be filled before teeth are whitened
  • If you suffer from receding gums, the exposed roots may appear discolored. Whitening products will not make them whiter.
  • Tooth Whitening will not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers
  • Whitening is not a permanent solution. Stains will come back

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