Dentures Create a Winning Smile for Jacksonville Residents

The dentists at Arlington Dental Center will prescribe dentures to patients who have difficulty eating or have problems with pronunciation because of missing teeth. Proper fitting dentures will also restore the facial structure and winning smile we all deserve.

What Type of Denture is Right for You:
Dentures are custom made to replace missing teeth. Dentures are typically removable, but some may bonded or permanently implanted into your mouth. There are two types of dentures: “Partial Dentures, or Bridges,” attached to existing teeth to fill in gaps created by missing teeth and “Complete Dentures” are used when all teeth are missing.

What the Process and What to Expect?

Although all patient cases are different, Arlington Dental Center Dentist and Dental Technicians will typically:

  • Make a detailed impression of your mouth and the dimensions of your jaw
  • Create an initial model for you to try for fit and comfort
  • Make all needed adjustment to ensure fit and comfort
  • Once the model fits properly, the actual denture will be made
  • You will now be able to wear your dentures
  • During the first few weeks, you will become comfortable with your dentures, but may detect any possible flaws in the design
  • At a follow up appointment our dental staff will make any needed denture corrections
  • You may need to avoid hard or sticky food while you become accustomed to your dentures
  • It may take some practice to pronounce certain words, but you will quickly learn how
  • Initially you may salivate more than usual, but it will quickly return to normal
  • Always follow your dentist’s instructions for how to clean and care for your dentures
  • Natural changes will occur to your jaw, so you should plan to change your denture every five to seven years

About Arlington Dental Center:
Our entire team of highly experienced dentists and professional support staff provide a complete family of pain free dental care at affordable prices, in our modern, comfortable and caring environment.

Dental Insurance and Payment:
We accept all regular insurance plans, including some forms of Medicaid, and we file all the insurance claims for you. We also accept all forms of payment. Whether you walk-in or if you have a dental emergency, you are always welcome.

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