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Reasonable Rates for Tooth Extractions in Jacksonville, FL


Tooth extractions are generally divided into two categories: “simple” tooth extractions and “surgical” tooth extractions. We call it a “simple” extraction when the tooth comes out intact, without difficulty.  The dentist uses a pair of forceps and simply pulls the tooth out. A tooth which is locked into the jawbone, has deep or deformed roots, or is only partially erupted generally requires a “surgical” procedure to get it out. For example, a wisdom tooth extraction usually requires a surgical procedure.  Our fees at Arlington Dental Center’s are very reasonable compared to other Jacksonville dental offices. Our fee for a simple extraction is only $305, including an exam and x-ray, and our fee for a surgical extraction, including an exam and x-ray, is only $405.

Having a tooth pulled is certainly the cheapest way to get rid of a tooth ache, but in most cases, not the best. Tooth extractions have consequences. Obviously, once extracted, teeth don’t grow back, and leaving an empty space where the tooth once was can cause the other teeth to shift, causing further dental problems. It is always best to save the tooth if possible. Even though a lot more expensive, a root canal and a crown is usually the best alternative.

There are few things more important than our health and our appearance. A healthy, attractive set of teeth is very important to our sense of well being, and it is well worth sacrificing in some other area in order to preserve them. One should be very reluctant to have a tooth extracted simply because it is the cheapest way out.

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